Austin, Texas is a cool, funky and clean city in the South of  the Unites States of America. The capital is rich in history and political stance in the country but has incorporated a young vibe with the many universities of the area. There were lots of bars… we found many of them. Cheers Texas!



I was there for just 3 days and over the holidays as it was thanksgiving which did somewhat affect the normally bustling areas of 6th street and downtown. However, we still found places to party, experience the atmosphere and with only mild winter weather, we enjoyed being out and about.



Thanksgiving Cheers!


Here is a summary of the trip in photos:


Rainey Street- alternative bars, restaurants in old houses




Doing the tourist thing at the Austin CapitalIMG_3894 Drinking out of Jars, novelty!IMG_3892


Staying at Motel 8… Stay Classy Austin!


USA Shot! Captain America! Shots were $1 to $6 max and that’s our amazing bar tender AlanIMG_3363


Jackalope the Rabbit – you can’t take a drink up here!IMG_3356Welcome to Texas!
IMG_3352 This building looks like an OWL! Can you see it!!

IMG_3347 Making new friends with the locals, ChrisIMG_3369


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