Mexican specialties are some of the best food I’ve ever tasted and some foods I truly missed.


In Australia we do have Mexican food, but I t really is tex mex. I’ve found some more restaurants recently in Melbourne that have a more typical feel and are more true to the cuisine of Mexico, but mostly you can’t beat the real deal.


Love the colors and styles of #mexico art #chichenitza #souvenirs Mexican Plates
Love the colors and styles of #mexico art #chichenitza #souvenirs Mexican Plates

Tortas, liquados, tostadas, fijitas con pollo, tacos de arrachera, pescado fresco con mango salsa y chilli, pecante, chilli, salsa and more spicy.


My first morning in mexico was in Cancun where we managed to find a group of restaurants/ cantinas that I’d actually visited 3.5 years prior when travelling with friends in my Semana Santa. I remember the exact place we were and tasting the delicious foods- reading all the menus and different offerings brought back flashbacks of last time and of the foods I love so much.

We even tried Supalates and panzultes, typical food of the yucatan.


Here are some pictures of some of the amazing food we’ve been sampling already:

Tostada y fresco (smoothie)



Pollo fajitas con arroz y ensalada



Camarones (Prawn cocktail) on the beach in Tulum



The menu on the beach at Mariaches Cabanas in TulumIMG_3454



Smoothie de fresca y limon!!

(Cocktails at Chichenitza)

After a tough day of sightseeing at #chichenitza #mexico it's time for #cocktails #daiquiris
After a tough day of sightseeing at #chichenitza #mexico it’s time for #cocktails #daiquiris


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