The Indian Film Festival 2013 has just 2 days to go! Get along if you can. It’s a special year for the festival, celebrating 100 years of the Indian Film Industry. Hosted at Hoyts Melbourne.


This post was meant to come 3 weeks ago when the festival launched on May 3rd. I was lucky enough to be there on opening night and see some of Bollywood’s biggest names.

See more about the night on the official website here:


The A List Bollywood stars but you can't see them well.
The A List Bollywood stars but you can’t see them well.

I was blessed to be working at this event as most people who follow this blog now know… I LOVE INDIA!! It was funny because as I spoke to the guests about my love of India, they asked why I was not wearing my Sari… I suggested it might not go with the polo t-shirt I had to wear for work on the evening.


To my great surprise and delight, the Festival ambassador was the beautiful and Talented Vidya Balan. I saw her film Kahaani on my last visit to India and loved her in it. I’ve been dying to see her movie The Dirty Picture for which she won a number of awards, she is a beautiful and talented woman. She was great on the night- speaking very naturally and making jokes with the audience. There was also a great Q &A on the night with some of the big names of Bollywood- very exciting – Pamela Chopra, Simi Garewal, Prabhudeva, Girish Kumar, Farah Khan and Kabir Khan.

Vidya Balan, Farah Khan, Pamela Chopra - IFFM Website  Source:
Vidya Balan, Farah Khan, Pamela Chopra – IFFM Website

They played India’s first ever feature film, Raja Harishchandra. A very short film with all males in the roles, so males dressed up as queens and concubines. It was a great laugh and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s so impressive to see that this country has come so far in Film and made such a mark on the world.

Raja Harishchandra
Raja Harishchandra

I’ll be working again at the Closing and can’t wait to see what the night holds! Hoping to see another film. My list of Bollywood Films is growing by the minute!

I also worked at the Telstra Bollywood Dance Competition which was a SUPER fun night in Federation square, Melbourne.

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