For years I’ve wanted to get to the Adelaide Fringe Festival – I’ve heard of this Mad March and how the city is taken over by the festival fun and I wanted in. Never did I imagine how much fun I would have and how many cool people I’d meet and great shows I’d see.


Since September last year, I’ve been getting more and more involved with the Comedy Industry. I’ve made wonderful friends who have introduced me to more and more great people and next thing I know I’m working with some great people doing social media and PR. So for me this was a working/holiday in the best possible meaning of the term.


I was predominantly there for Comedy and comedy I saw! I would love to get into the theatre and circus acts next year (I plan to go for minimum 2 weeks to fit everything in!) but this time was comedy. Here are the great shows I saw:


–       Darkness and Light: This is a show with an MC and 3 different comedians each night sharing their postcards from the edge. Real stories and real comedians inviting you to step into the dark side and see the light. It was wonderful. I got to 3 shows and got to see: Cath Styles, Abigoliah Schamaun, Nath Valvo, Richard McKenzie, Bart Freebairn, DeAnne Smith, Tim Whitt, Alexis Dupes, David Smiedt and Nikki Britton. Great diversity of comics!

MC Nath Valvo with Abigoliah Schamaun
MC Nath Valvo with Abigoliah Schamaun


–       David Smiedt – Smiedt, Pray, Love – I only caught the last 15 minutes of the show but after seeing David in Darkness and Light I wanted to see his solo stuff. David has great one liners, an educate wit and a class to his act. Laugh out loud stuff this one!


–       Bart Freebairn, Age of Wonder  A very special show with a treat of a comic. Bart has a magic to his comedy which makes you want to be friends with him as he invites you into his weird and wonderful world. We sat in a
pillow fort” just 5 of us, so 4 audience members, as Bart shared his tales of wonder and delight from his imagination. Whimsical, intimate and so different to the norm – this was a great show to experience.


–       Anthony DeMasi, Revealed – Anthony is a comedy magician and man is he good at what he does. A great balance of funny one liners and joke magic combined with amazing tricks you cannot believe he pulls off. Lucky to see this show as Anthony does a lot of private and corporate gigs – he also did some spots at Fringe in the Mall which was great during the day, the bunnies Brian and Sebastian might have stole the show though.


–       Eddie Ifft , Too Soon? – It was great to see one of the big acts at the comedy festival. Eddie who has a dvd that has just come out through Punchline DVD was on fire! There is a darkness to his humour but who cares when he is hilarious! Really nice guy too! Got to grab a photo and kick on to his next awesome show!


–       Eddie Ifft “Talking Shit’ Live recording of Podcast at Rhino Room: This was a special event, the first live podcast fiming outside the US for Eddie Ifft! What a treat! He had special guests Mickey D and Chris Franklin on the first show which was great Aussie humour and some fun stories from the guys. The second show lasted close to 2 hours, with 5 guests including my friend Milan from Punchline DVD, Imaan, Sammy Longfellow from Puppetry of the Penis, Mickey D, Youtube sensation Alex Williamson. They all did a Tim Tam slam (drink vodka through a Tim Tam) on stage and even I joined in….being the only girl to go up on stage- argh! Live podcast to be heard here!



What a wonderful week, and I only cracked the surface of the 100’s of acts and shows that were on at the Adelaide Fringe Festival!

Watch for more posts to come as I will review each show I saw!

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