Singapore Airlines is one of my favourites to fly with. But now I feel there hospitality and service has got a little bit ridiculous and a tad too innovative.

Take a look at this picture.


A normal bathroom sink right!





This is if so facto, MOUTHWASH!


What did you think it was? Hand soap! Then you would be in the same basket as me and about 50 others I would guess. Or am I just really blonde??


So I washed my hands – hmmm that soap isn’t very foamy. I’ll do a few more squirts. Well this is strange, I guess it’s more antiseptic.


Then I cast my eyes upon the cup dispenser next to it – look closely at the blue liquid and realise…. it’s MOUTHWASH! Ridiculous.


Singapore Airlines. I do love you, but seriously – don’t put mouthwash in the hand soap position or style of bottle – it’s easy for one to get confused!


Yes – I did proceed to use the mouthwash correctly after this.

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