In June/ July I have some dear friends coming to visit me in Australia. It’s my turn to play host and tour guide…. which I love!

I have put together these rough ideas of an itinerary for them of what to see and how to get the most out of Australia. I would love to know what you think and if this is a trip you would take:


I suggest spending 5 days in Sydney firstly. Then hire a car from Sydney and drive to Canberra – it’s about 4 hours driving. You can spend 2-3 days there and this is where you will gain the most history of Australia.
Then drive to Melbourne 5-6 hours. You can stay with me, both of you or I can suggest a hotel – but please, you are welcome as my guests. We can spend 2 days in Melbourne together, and then I suggest we go all together on a drive to the Great Ocean Road and sty over night, and then to Phillip Island and stay over night. Back to Melbourne and then perhaps it’s time for you to drive back to Sydney – 1 day.
Opera House Sydney when I was 8 with my American relative.
Opera House Sydney when I was 8 with my American relative.
You can then go to Queensland – Cairns and see the great barrier reef and do some snorkelling and enjoy the sites there. Maybe for 5-6 days? So we are up to 18 days. You could then fly from there to Northern Territory to see Uluru. If I have the money at the time, I would LOVE to join you as I am also yet to see this. I would say 3-4 days at Uluru and Alice Springs.
Tropical Queensland, Magnetic Island
Tropical Queensland, Magnetic Island
Then come back to Sydney for 3 days and see some more there and so some last minute shopping!
It’s a lot to do in a short time but I think it shows off the best of our beaches, history, landmarks and culture. I can’t wait to share this with my friends!

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