It’s so lovely to be back in South Asia. First time in Sri Lanka but I already feel comfortable and back at home.


India is my favourite country in the world and it will be hard to beat, though as a neighbour of my favourite country – I feel there should be some things I will love here too.



And I’m right! Beaches, fashions, weddings, and hotels with incredible service. Not to mention, hospitality and warmth of a lovely people. I’m here for 9 days for a wedding and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what this country has to offer. Staying at the lovely Colombo Courtyard Hotel, a newly established boutique hotel in Colombo.

My first day I was greeted by a beautiful goodie bag from my hosts and the bride and groom, Farva and Asim. Also a wonderful little book of helpful information for Colombo and the wedding. I shall share some of these great tips and tricks soon.


Then off to the tailor to get a new blouse fitted for my sari. I knew that when I got here I could ask my friend for a recommendation and he would be of great help – I didn’t know he would OWN the tailor (Asim Tailor and Aszai Fashions)! And also a fashion store. So of course I went shopping and walked out with not only a new blouse but also a fitted Anarkali, a pashmina for a friend, some churidahs (trousers) and a kultar which will double as a dress back home. I love South Asia! They make anything happen.


Then it was time to chill by the pool in my lovely hotel! It’s been a great time so far and I look forward to more of this relaxation, hospitality and new experiences here in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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