I’m from Sydney originally and despite travelling the world, moving to Melbourne and constantly popping interstate – Sydney will always be my home.

I have darling friends and family there that I just can’t stay away from!

I wanted to minimise my trips to Sydney but I am realising now that my home is wherever my heart is. I’m happy in Melbourne and settled to a degree there so I am lucky to be able to visit my friends and family and the beautiful city I grew up in.

My beautiful family (Christmas visit)
My beautiful family (Christmas visit)

Since moving to Melbourne I’ve actually visited Sydney 17 times! Work, friends, family, events – 17 times!!!! How fortunate I have the funds, time and resources to do this. Travel is part of my life.


Sharing with you some moments from that last visit with the ones I care about!

(also got to see Mum, 3 best gal pals from Sydney, Dad, Great Aunty and Uncle, friends from my amazing trip to Machu Picchu and my adopted little sister Naomi.)

IMG_5628 IMG_5631 IMG_5641 IMG_5644 IMG_5634

Saying goodbye to a friend in Sydney - good memories
Saying goodbye to a friend in Sydney – good memories

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