I am no stranger to the barnyard variety of animal yet I’ve never had such amusement or pure joy at the site of these lovable creatures. When visiting Isla Del Sol, the regular acquaintance of mules, sheep and piglets made me smile to no end.


What was most interesting about the farm animals here was the simple methods of herding and care for the animals. We saw a young girl of approximately 9 and a boy of aged 5 herding down a steep hill – a mule, 5 sheep, 2 pigs and a bull. I had to ask this little girl if the bull was ok as he walked towards me with his horns protruding forward – she giggled and steered him away assuring me it was safe to pass. How much of a city girl did I feel in that moment and yet so much admiration for this beautiful girl and her way of life here on Isla Del Sol.


Walking from North to South of Isla Del Sol on Lake Titicaca we passed may small backyard farms and saw many neighbours and families helping one another. I loved the community feel and the cohesive living of the animals and their keepers. Little piglets ran at our feet as we headed for the North beach and provided us with a good laugh as they scratched their butts on the walls and wooden planks. Ah the simple life.


My only complaint,  I wished at one point the donkeys would rescue me and walk me up the hill but they are working animals and what a good job they do. Farm yard fun in Boilivia.

IMG_1674 IMG_1651

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