Defense! Defense! Defense!


The cheers and sounds of the basketball give my a heart a little flutter as it brings back memories of my first time at the NBL in Australia at age 11.This started a love of basketball and many years of season tickets.


To see an NBA game live in the USA was like a dream. The lights, the show, the basketball stars and their amazing talent create an electric atmosphere. This was always my favourite thing about the basketball, they really involve the crowd and make it an exciting spectator sport.


We cheere with the cheerleaders, ate Chicago style hotdogs, drank electric lemonades and cheered for the NOLA (New Orleans Lousiana) Hornets.

IMG_3263 IMG_3262

It started out as a great game but unfortunately in the 3rd quarter the Hornets started slipping and In the 4th they couldn’t sink a basket to save their lives. A bit of a disappointing end to be honest, but to be fair, I always thought the New York Knicks would win.


An awesome experience and definitely recommended for anyone visiting the States in the Basketball Season. Get along to the basketball, and don’t worry about the cheers – the big screen and the many cheerleaders will help you get behind the home team.

IMG_3274 IMG_3270

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