Incredible story of a female surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack – but she still surfs and is inspiring millions around the world!



Bethany Hamilton, 23, lost her left arm to a tiger shark when she was surfing with friends ten years ago. The shark took a gash from her board – 38cm wide and 20cm deep and that was also enough to take her left arm. But she didn’t lose her courage or her passion for surfing. After only three weeks she was back in the water, learning to surf again. Her friends thought she was crazy including Alana Blanchard who was surfing with Bethany at the time of the attack. Alana herself said even she was scared her to go back in the water, after seeing her friend Bethany being bitten. Let’sface it, unless you’re a mermaid your chicken wings would be coming out after you saw your friend getting mauled by a shark.

People didn’t really think I would continue surfing, but I’m passionate about being out there…

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