Summer Life in Melbourne

Melbourne in Summer is one of the best places to be in the World! Everyone is out, there are 100's of events on and the weather shows itself off for once!   I was lucky to have LOTS of activities over Summer including: - Working at Summadayze - Swimming in the Crown Metropol Rooftop Pool … Continue reading Summer Life in Melbourne

Simple things in Sydney

I'm from Sydney originally and despite travelling the world, moving to Melbourne and constantly popping interstate - Sydney will always be my home. I have darling friends and family there that I just can't stay away from! I wanted to minimise my trips to Sydney but I am realising now that my home is wherever … Continue reading Simple things in Sydney

Take a meditation retreat in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay and reconnect with your world!

Lovelly Communications

After recently interviewing the lovely Kate James of Total Balance Group, I’m pleased to share with you one of their fabulous retreats.


Are you looking for some relaxation, reconnecting and refreshing? This retreat is the perfect way to collect yourself and regain the balance in your life.



‘Connecting with Creativity’

21-26 November 2013 (5 nights / 6 days)


This beautifully relaxing meditation retreat is designed to help you find lightness and calm and to connect you with your creative spirit (even if it’s been dormant for years).

Our retreat is suitable for everyone – even if you don’t think you’re particularly creative. All you need is a sense of curiosity and a willingness to enjoy a few engaging activities.

Through meditation, yoga, qigong and a handful of creativity workshops, you will unwind, enjoy the peace of nature and begin to discover why creativity…

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Tropical Islands Make You Realise How Beautiful Life Is

As I stood in the beautiful tropical waters of Magnetic Island, I threw my head back and laughed out loud as I realised how LUCKY I am to live the life I live.   How I can take 5 days off a month (though I worked remotely) and be just 30 minutes by Ferry from … Continue reading Tropical Islands Make You Realise How Beautiful Life Is

Farm Animal Fun in Bolivia

I am no stranger to the barnyard variety of animal yet I’ve never had such amusement or pure joy at the site of these lovable creatures. When visiting Isla Del Sol, the regular acquaintance of mules, sheep and piglets made me smile to no end. What was most interesting about the farm animals here was … Continue reading Farm Animal Fun in Bolivia

Townsville so far!

Surprise visit to Townsville! A friend of a friend and I were having dinner a few weeks ago and I was expressing my interest to explore more of Australia and in particular visit some friends in the Army in Darwin and Townsville. She said "Well would you want to go in 3 weeks?" "Dates?" I … Continue reading Townsville so far!

Bus Dramas in Bolivia

Where do I start! Tears, tantrums and a lot of time wasting! This is the frequent occurrence when dealing with the bus system in Bolivia!!   We wanted to go from Copacabana to Uyuni, The Salt Flats. We knew we had to go via La Paz, all good! But we didn’t now we’d end up … Continue reading Bus Dramas in Bolivia