This is the first I’ve heard of the late Sarah Burke, and I like her already. An inspirational life that continues to inspire!



At Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday party in September he sought out Rory Bushfield to ask his opinion on a T-shirt he’d designed in honour of Rory’s late wife, Sarah Burke.

Lil Wayne was a big a fan of Sarah, who became famous as the beautiful and daring star of popular freeskiing films, while blazing a trail professionally in women’s half pipe skiing. Rory felt weird about going to the party. His wife was the celebrity — the one who was honoured by the ESPY awards, and got them seated just a few tables away from Michael Jordan; the one whose image was plastered on skiing posters across the world, and was recognized as the most celebrated female freeskier in the world. But Rory went anyway, because Sarah would never have let him miss a party like this. So he stood there beside Lil Wayne, and together they watched Cypress Hill…

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