Wherever you go in Peru you will hear the beautiful rhythms of this land. Whether it be the sing song tone of the Quechua or Castillano languages spoken by the people, the famous pan flutes that echo through the streets, the regaton beats that pound from the passing cars or the clicks and whistles of the farmers in the mountains. There is music everywhere.

fun in peru halloween

My friend Jess and I loved dancing in the street whenever we heard a catchy tune coming from one of the many stores- and the locals loved it. It’s ok to feel the rhythm and move to the beat in Peru.


Dancing in the clubs with my tour group and friends to celebrate our epic adventure of climbing to Machu Picchu. However! You are NOT to dance at Machu Picchu, it’s actually Prohibited. Though I got a sneaky dance and groove in as we walked down from Huayna Picchu to Machu Picchu. Can’t stop the beat!

Sacred valley, Cusco

The pan flutes and famous Peruvian bands are present in many restaurants as well as often people dancing and performers getting you to join in. We also came across a great festival in the streets of Ollaytantambo as we headed back to Cusco. A group dance in the city with my team and wonderful local women whose smile and firm grip on my hand could warm your heart.


Dance! Feel it, move it and go with it. Viva la musica!


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