This year I am fortunate to be working at the Australian Open, one of the Major Tennis Grand Slams and one of Australia’s biggest sporting events. I had a blast working there last year and met some truly lovely people.

I stood there thinking today about some of the people I had met the previous year and how much they had helped my experience and made it such a joyous event to work at. So as I am thinking this, a lovely older gentleman walks through the venue and I recognise him immediately as a guest from last year who I had wonderful conversations with.


This charming couple (whose names I for the life of me cannot remember) shared their experience with me and their years of wisdom. They took not only an interest in what I was doing but what I was doing personally and what I do outside of the Australian Open. What a pleasure to have such interesting discussions with people when at work.


Not only were they kind and interesting, but they also offered me these wonderful words of wisdom. My advice to you is to sometimes stop – have a chat, you may learn some valuable lessons or simply have a smile on your face from the charming people of this world.




The years teach much, my days never knew 
- monsieur Cartier 

The best learning comes after you know it all
Ethel Barry Morry

The future belongs to those who plan for it
- anonymous 

A vez vouz, le dission, sil vous plait 

"I have the simplest of taste , I only enjoy the best."

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