If you are planning on visiting the incredible Lake Titikaka then I must insist you visit the beautiful Isla Del Sol. My recommendation would be to stay for 2 nights so that you can experience the beautiful trek from North to the South of the Island.


You’ll be asked when purchasing tickets for the ferry whether you would like to visit North or South.


North is far more popular as there are more tourists and more access to beaches.


But the South is peaceful heavenly and perched on a cliff that overlooks the stunning Lake all around.


2 days is plenty here and the walk can be done in one day. Approximately 1.5-2 hours each way so do leave in the morning and not at 3pm like we did…. You will have to walk home in the dark, and on rocky cliff faces – this isn’t cool.

I loved after 2 hours of walking to the north rubbing my feet in the massaging sands and refreshing waters of the beach.


Walk the high road or cliff walk there over the island, and walk back via the coastal route. You see so much of the islands.


Disfuta las islas!!


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