Awesome interview with an up and coming Australian Winter Sportswear brand, White Ninja. There funky bandeanies are a hot item on the snow and certainly make our passion for the snow stylish and comfortable.


We love chatting to Aussie chicks in the snow industry who are taking risks and getting creative. We caught up with Bec Layton, director of White Ninja to talk stylish bandeanies.


Hey Bec, what was your first White Ninja design and was what it for?
The very first White Ninja design was developed as a hobby and as gifts for friends. Once I realised this was a great product I set about developing one that was market ready. Four different prototypes were created for friends to wear on a trip to NZ in 2009 and get their feedback.


What’s the story behind the name? How did you come up with it?
White Ninja was born from the emotive experience of the snow and what it means to us. White was choosen to represent the visual environment and Ninja for the beauty of an art form, acceptance of nature, danger and…

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