I love travel and have made a dedication to including it in my work and life. I travel regularly and to many places and I feel that this could lead me to complacency. I’m very aware of the pitfalls regular travelers can fall into with tiring of new sights and experiences and I never want to lose my bright eye bushy tailed approach to the world.

wedding india

Recently I travelled with a group of people who left me reeling in their lack of appreciation and sense of right, as opposed to privilege, for the beauty that was before us. We were In the mountains of Peru, the famous Andes, the sacred valley and taking in some of the most breathtaking sights one could ever hope to behold. But at times you would think we were dragging 5 year olds around a shopping centre on a Saturday morning as they folded their arms, looked with disdain at the valleys before us and asked “When are we having lunch?”


Sacred Valley, Peru
Sacred Valley, Peru

I was appalled by the behaviour I witnessed and the things I heard, and even brought to tears by the sadness I felt for their un-worldliness. One day I turned to my Peruvian guide in tears and said (in Spanish) “Everyone is so angry. Why are they so sad. How can they be this way when we are in such a beautiful place. I’m sorry to you and your other guides. You are sharing with us such beauty of nature and your country and they can’t see it. They just don’t see it.”


The trend of  lack of appreciation and an attitude of righteousness continues throughout this leg of the trip and it broke my heart. Though I loved all that I saw and treasured the beautiful sights around me, my experience was tainted by the disdain and disregard the others showed for the incredible journey we were on.


machu picchu
machu picchu

Please dear travelers, don’t be as these people were. Travel is a privilege, not a right. We are lucky to have the means to stretch so far and to see these foreign lands. Don’t take for granted the beautiful world that God has made for us. The land that Mother Nature ( Madre Tierra, Pachamama) cares for and loves and nurtures for us to experience. Treasure the people you meet and thank them for sharing their story and their life with you.


Uyuni, Salt Flats, Bolivia
Uyuni, Salt Flats, Bolivia

I’m truly blessed to have visited so many places, seen so many wonderful things and have met such incredible people. This Earth is a wonderful place and we must love it and care for it and appreciate it for the wonder that it is.


Thank you to all of you for reading this and I wish you every happiness in your future travels.

Mt Kilimanjaro with Team Tembo
Mt Kilimanjaro with Team Tembo


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

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