The language of Mexico is Spanish.


How to say thank you in any language is extremely important and most welcomed by the locals.




Thank you = Gracias

Thank you very much = Muchas Gracias


There are some other very useful Spanish terms and phrases that can help you when travelling in Mexico so here are some of my favourites:


Hello: Hola

Good morning: Buenos dias

Good Afternoon: Buenas Tardes

Good night: Buenas Noches

Good bye – hasta luego


How are you? – como estas?

I’m good/ it’s good – Bien/ esta bien

Very good – muy bien

You’re welcome –  de nada


Where is? – donde esta……

Where are the toilets?  – donde esta los banos!!



How much: Cuanta cuesta?

The bill please: La cuenta por favor

Please – por favor

Because – porque!!!



Main currency or $$ amounts

50- cinquenta

10 – diez

100 – cien or cientos

1000 – mil

250 – dos cientos y cinquenta

1      – uno

5 –cinco


For the ladies in the clubs

Don’t bother me – no me molestes



(good luck)

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