1. Travelling in the Quintana Roo is very easy with lots of buses and plenty of signage all around.


For me, although fun, Cancun is not the place I want to spend my time in Mexico. It’s a party place and great fun, but I’m not going to spend loads of time there. So for us it was 1 night in a cheap hostal and then off to the bus station in the morning.


Cabanas in Tulum
Cabanas in Tulum

Wr didn’t make any prior reservations as there are lots of minivans as well as the main bus company, ADO, operating between Cancun, Playa del Carmen and onto Tulum.


I thought we would have to take two separate buses as I was under the impression there were no direct buses to Tulum from Cancun. I was pleasantly surprised. The bus stops in Playa Del Carmen but there is no need to buy two separate bus tickets or wait at all. The bus was 74 pesos ($8 US) one way to Tulum on an air conditioned bus.



If you do wish to go to Playa Del Carmen, it’s easy as buying the ticket for there and hopping off at the very central bus station and heading to one of the hotels close to the 5th avenue, the main plaza and street of Playa.


For Tulum, if you wish to head to the beach. Simply walk straight out of the bus station, ask a cab driver for cabanas or hotels near the pyramids. We’re staying at Mariachis Restaurant Caanas, or Pescados. They are the most economical and natural with very basic structure but incredible views. The cost is approx 350 pesos ( $29 US ) per night. A cab to the beach or pyramids will cost you 50 pesos. Very easy!



Enjoy Quintanoo Roo, in my opinion one of the most beautiful areas of Mexico.

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