Intoducing Mr Bill Hunter. My Grandma’s cousin, making him my first cousin twice removed. He always likes to joke he wishes I would be removed further, but we areactually extremely close considering oour 64 yr age gap.



Cuzzie Bill and I
Cuzzie Bill and I


Bill is 89 years old and a well known Magician in the USA. He’s been practicing magic since WWII where he learnt from a well known Boxer, Steve Belloise, when they were in hospital together in Sydney Australia. He since that time kept up the skill and  later turned it into a profession.




A stroke of luck, or a sprinkle of magic, got him in to the Indy 500 crowd where he has now performed magic in the suites for drivers and their famous friends for more than 43 years.




Bill has a website, known as Magic 500:


A Facebook page:  Bill Hunter Magic 500

He also has some videos on Youtube including:



I do hope you get the pleasure of enjoying his magic vicariously through these photos and videos, however in person is always much better. I’m blessed to call this delightful and truly magical man Family.




Bill Magic 500 Hunter – magician for over 72 years. Visit his website:

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