Travelling from Bolivia to Peru and vice versa may not be as easy as one thinks. In theory, getting on a bus, getting off for your visa and then continuing on your journey seems simple…. It isn’t so!


Walking over the border from Peru to Bolivia
Walking over the border from Peru to Bolivia

Please let me provide you with some info and tips that could simplify things greatly for you!

  • Keep your piece of white paper!! When they give you your immigration card at the airport in Peru or Bolivia, you must keep this, You cannot leave the country without
  • When travelling by bus you will stop on either the Bolivian or Peruvian side and need to get out of the bus for visa
  • Listen to the guy on your bus as best as possible but note that despite there being limited English speakers, he’ll say it in Spanish, and quickly.
  • Follow the crowd! If in doubt, ask, ask and ask again!
  • Go first to the immigration office, there you get one stamp to get out of the country.


Leaving Peru
Leaving Peru


  • GO TO THE OFFICE NEXT DOOR!! This is the police office and this is where you get your second stamp. Neither person in either office will tell you to go to the other office. If in doubt, ask!!
  • Walk over the border. Yes your bus will be standing there, ridiculous I know, but in a way fun to walk to another country.
  • Go to the immigration office of the second country (in this case Bolivia) – get your new card and present your card from Peru, or other country, which they will keep.
  • If you do not have both stamps (I know from personal experience) they will make you walk back to the respective country to receive the other stamp!! Make sure to get all the paperwork the first time.
  • Once you have your new visa, again, guard it with your life. You cannot leave without this
  • Another note from experience… don’t write your birth year as 2012.. or respective year, the officer will tap you on the head with your own passport! Note – experienced by moi!!


The bus at the Peru/ Bolivia border crossing
The bus at the Peru/ Bolivia border crossing


  • So I hope this helps. Follow other passengers. Ask 1000 times and make sure to guard your passport and white paper with your life.

Enjoy South America and crossing many a border!

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