Adventures of the Traveller Em – South to North America

  What an adventure I’ve been on. Travelling for more than 6 weeks now and the things I’ve seen and people I’ve met have blown my mind. Some old places, many new places and some unbelievable experiences. My journey started in Peru in Lima as I met my trekking group for Black Dog Institute. This … Continue reading Adventures of the Traveller Em – South to North America

My favorite photo from machu picchu

Eureka! It’s New Years Eve!

Want the best view of the fireworks in Melbourne this year? There's no other place then the fabulous Eureka Tower - the tallest building in Melbourne. Elevation2013 From here you will have 360 degree panoramic views of the incredible fireworks display scattered all over Melbourne. Not only will you enjoy incredible sights, you get to … Continue reading Eureka! It’s New Years Eve!

Congratulations to Debbie for travelling by herself and having the confidence to go out there and see the world on her own!

Debbie Carr Agency

Last November I visited New York for the first time in my life and I was a woman on a mission.  I wanted to experience being a mature woman on her own who was confident enough to go to a bar by herself order a drink and not feel intimidated. I also wanted to be able to do this without being self-conscious or be someone who had to be playing with her mobile phone for security.

Did I do it? YES! I didn’t have a choice really. This is what happened:  I landed after the very long trip via Hong Kong (which adds more hours on), and when I finally arrived in New York and I went straight to my hotel (I highly recommend this place…so trendy).

Now picture this: I had flown over to New York because my business was nominated for an award. I arrived at my hotel around…

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Nawlins! Photos of New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for All That Jazz! It’s the birth place of Jazz after all. We had a wonderful time roaming the vintage streetsof the French quarter, window shopping in the boutiques of Magazine Street     and dancing away to the wonderful music in the jazz bars!! I recommend staying in the French … Continue reading Nawlins! Photos of New Orleans

New Years Eve is Sweet as Honey

Why not celebrate New Years Eve in the sweetest place in town? The Honey Bar! The Honey Bar is located in South Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Aloha Party for New Years is going to be an awesome way to ring in the New Year. Live DJ's, drinks, food, a great atmosphere and rooftop … Continue reading New Years Eve is Sweet as Honey

Ladies Lounge

A dear friend and fabulous female, Bev Killick, has alerted me to the wonderful Ladies Lounge events in St Kilda. Launching in January in St Kilda, Melbourne, these are going to be fun nights of laughs, ladies and ... well, lounging.   The Ladies Lounge Comedy Night will make it’s debut at Cushion Lounge Jan … Continue reading Ladies Lounge