Christmas with the Mayor of Warren, Illinois, USA

Repost from Bill "Magic 500" Hunter's blog,   Bill’s young cousin Emma visited his dear friend Wayne Raisbeck, the Mayor of Warren.   See a tour of Wayne’s wonderful house decorated for Christmas!   Bill Hunter has amazing friends all over the world due to his kind, generous and loving nature that is simply infectious.   HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!  

Introducing James Freemantle, a great TV presenter for Travel and news shows. He’s my mentor and will be helping with my travel presenting! Watch this space

Lovelly Communications

Introducing the incredible James Freemantle of REDgum Communications. I thought I knew a thing or two about presentation, communication and presence – until I met James. James has a true gift in his ability to convey meaning, personality and passion into all that he does.

James has many years of presenting and teaching experience which led him to start REDgum Communications. They run training and workshops in media, presentation and personal branding. You will learn so much in a very short time from this talented group of people.


  1. Name; James Freemantle

2.Occupation/ business: REDgum Communications

3. Position: Director

4. Country of Residence; Orshtrayya (Australia)

5. email/contact/ website ),

6, Twitter: @redgumcom


7. Give us your elevator pitch. What does your business do?

  1. We help people become aware of how they are experienced by others, how they’d like to be, and how to create…

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Tulum – True Paradise on Earth

Tulum is a beach and town with ancient ruins located on the East Coast of Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo. Tulum should be the new word for  = Paradise! I visited Tulum in 2009 with my university friends on our Semana Santa, or Spring Break. Out of all our travel for 18 days, … Continue reading Tulum – True Paradise on Earth

Peru Trek to Machu Pichu

Here are just a few photos of the epic adventure that was Machu Picchu and the trek leading up to it! Instagram has been amazing for documenting my trip and sharing info along the way.       Enjoy!!   Please support who I did this amazing adventure for!

Travelling in the Americas

It's been a whirlwind so far! Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and now the U.S.   A few pics from each country and more to come soon!!      

Isla Del Sol in Pictures

Too many words to describe this beautiful island but a picture says 1000! So here we are. We stayed in the South of the island which is the least popular choice but in my opinion ended up belong the most beautiful. A huge trek up the hill to reach the accommodation, we thought we had … Continue reading Isla Del Sol in Pictures

Copacabana – Beautiful yet ever so stupid

It’s been a while since I’ve been to such a beautiful place which also had the ability to drive me absolutely balmy! The town itself and surrounds look stunning but the systems and processes of communication and exchange, are somewhat lacking.   Copacacrappa, as my friend has now donned it, sits between Puno in Peru … Continue reading Copacabana – Beautiful yet ever so stupid