My dear family friend Matt Pratten decided to join me on the Machu Pichu trip, Peru Challenge 2012, in a spontaneous burst of enthusiasm. I was chatting to Matt on Facebook and said “Come to Peru with me” Attaching the link and adding a smiley face. He responded, “Yeah, it’s been a while since I did a good pack march!” He’s in the army you see and was keen to do something a bit different for training. The next week, he was booked and preparing to come.

I have been overwhelmingly impressed with Matt’s dedication to this trip, this cause and his fundraising efforts. We are raising awareness and much needed funds for Black dog Institute and their work with mood disorders. Depression is something that has affected Matt personally and he wants to make a change.


He’s run up mountains, dressed in a dog suit and done a hike, shaved his legs and so much more to get his totals up. He is close to $7000 now and still rising with an initial goal of $4000.

See Matt’s challenge page here:

You can sponsor Matt here:


Good luck Matt and can’t wait to join you on this epic adventure.




In October 2012, I will climb Machu Pichu for depression and anxiety awareness. The Peru Challenge 2012 will run from October 20-31 and raise much needed funds for Black Dog Institute for the research and awareness of mood disorders. This is a cause close to my heart and I’m doing it honour of my Grandma who lived with depression most her life and also the many friends and other family members who live with this mood disorder. Please donate to my page and learn more about my adventure –

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