Reach out to friends of friends and family of friends for contacts in your holiday destination. Some of my best travels have been in placs where I knew someone before hand and I got to see the real culture of that country amd the local hot spots.

Art and I met in London and when he came to Australia I took him to An Aussie Animal Park


So go to International bars, chat to foreigners and make some friends in interesting places.

Deb and I were roomies in Mexico, I’ve been to visit her in Nurnberg, Germany and she came to have dinner with me in Sydney, Australia. 3 countries and 3 continents

People are excited and passionate about their countries and they will be more than happy to share that with you.

Papa Ji and Mama Ji, I met Papa Ji at a conference in India in 2005 and stayed with him and his beautiful family in Delhi in 2012

So put your thinking cap on and start accessing your network!

Pedro and I met in Mexico when we were roomies, We caught up in London in 2011 when I was visiting, and now I have to go visit him in his homeland of Spain


My brother and I went to visit our Cuzzy Bill, our 1st cousin once removed in the USA and went to Indy 500, the World’s Greatest Racing Spectacle, with him.


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