The famous inhabitants of this Island, The Tasmanian Devils. Named thus due to the ungoidly screatch and scream they make when fighting over food or habitats. First settlers said they islands were haunted with banshees, ghosts and devils. No not at all, just these fuzzy four legged friends.







Sadly due to facial tumours, their population has diminished by 85% in the past 10 years. This is a tragedy and a huge threat to other Australian wildlife and the eco-system. Foxes are introduced pests and if not kept at bay, they will take over as predators and wreak havoc on our small mammals.



The Tassie Devils clean up carcasses of dead farm and

native wildlife, and are the main clearers of roadkill – which also leads to their deaths. You can learn more about the plight of the  Tassie devil and help their cause here: 






Help protect these little beauties by visiting them, learning about them and talking about them. We visited them at the Bonorong Wildlife Park 

Cute and cuddly – but not recommended to this unless working with them for years like Cory has


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