I found this the other day in my huge jumble of piles that continuously occupies my room.

My sister’s 18th Birthday Speech.

I love my little Sister and I really don’t say it enough –  she is a special girl and I’ve proud of the woman she’s become. So here is my speech 🙂

(I also did one at her 21st but it was impromptu and jello shot fuelled, not for publishing.)

Well Andrea didn’t formally ask me but I ‘d like to say a few words for my baby sister on her special day, or special night.


Iw would like to draw on a few of Andrea’s attributes and qualities to recount a few of the memories from over the years.


We all know that Andrea is truly a unique individual and we love her for that. I refer namely to her dance style which she decide d to demonstrate in the car one day. She would have been ooh 4 or 5 and a song came on that really stuck a chord with her. Andie proceeded to bash her head on the back of the seat (something like this … I demonstrated) in her form of bopping to the song. Rightly so, James and I have never let her liv this down.



Andrea is definitely firm in her beliefs and will definitely let you know her opinion. It is great that she stays true to how she feels- I think another for this is …. STUBBORN. One of her favourite sayings is “I know”. so oneday when we were driving a long way ( yes a lot of things happened in the car with 3 kids squished in the back seat.) The song Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison came on – Andrea insisted she knew the words and despite her brother and I trying to tell her otherwise, she continued to to claim she knew this song.  which led to the running joke whenever the song comes on. The main chorus line being “my brown eyed girl” Andrea however sang along with us my brown eyed girl…. GIRL!” Just to prove she did in fact know the words.

Our friend Bel, Andie and I at my 25th this year


Or should I say BOY CRAZY! haha Just kidding Daniel (her BF). But she has always had great guy friends and got along with boys. Namely her brothers friends, Scholesy and Cot, just a few she loved, but it’s ok she grew out of that.



Andrea is very fortunate in many aspects of  life but perhaps I should include with this lucky. Fortunate and lucky to have a great big brother like James who has not once, not twice, but three times saved his little sisters life. 1st when she was two and he laid over her body whilst she was kicking and screaming to stop her crawling into the pool before we had a fence. 2nd time – When she was pushed in the pool as a 5 year old and she’d not yet learnt to swim. James dove in and grabbed her out. And the 3rd was when Andrea decide it was time to get out of the car, unfortunately the car had not actually stopped and was in fact driving around a corner, so Jamesie leaned over her and pulled the wide open door shut. Big thanks to James for Keeping Andie here with us to be here today.

our hero, Jamesie! Who couldn’t be there at the 21st


Andrea has always been driven. To work, to the shops, to Daniels house – down the coast – haha lame i know. But Andrea does know what she wants, she does after it – congratulations on your job at Mecca baby.



Just look at her hair! She definitely lives up to her Scorpio star sighn. Those who have felt the sting of this young ladies fury will certainly not be crossing her again. Yikes!

photoshoot recently, me and Andrea



Or in the eyes of our parents at least. For it was James and I who always seemed to cop the when there was a sibling squabble – Andrea somehow always got the thumb up, how is that little sis?


But now to the good stuff!!! ….. Ummm…. welll…. So Happy 18th Andie.



With our lovely Mumma, taken by Sabrina Rubina Photography http://www.sabrinarubini.com

Andrea My Darling!

Congratulations to you on your special day,

I hope it is truly wonderful in every single way,

Thank you to all your lovely family and friends,

whose love, care and support for you will never end.


As your big sister, I’m super proud of you,

You’re doing all the things that YOU want to do,

You’re an individual and a unique kinda gal,

and i know that in years to come you’ll be my bestest pal.


I know at times we fuss and fight,

but Andie I love you with all my might,

My lil sis, you superstar, our precious baby boo

Happy 18th Darling, this night is all for you!


Love you loads Andrea and wishing you every happiness in life. I’ll be here for you and celebrating the wins!

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