Brilliant Post from my inspiring friend JMAC. I work to live and live I do! Work hard and then enjoy it.

People talk of job security, having a home, laying down roots- then the GFC comes along and blows all that out the water. So why not do what we love, work hard at it, learn from every experience and set ourselves up for success with knowledge and happiness.

Great mantra and great mentality. Love your work babes!


In regards to the statement that we are the “work to live, not live to work” generation – I think that’s a great title to have. If we as a collective can own up to wanting to have a life and live it to the fullest, then good on us. 

In saying that, I do believe we are the also one of the hardest working generations. Just because we want prestigious jobs and value big salaries doesn’t mean we think it’s just going to land on our laps. We’re not afraid of hard work. Yes, we all want to be successful, happy and well paid, but what makes us different to other generations is that we are coming up with ways to get that NOW (not waiting for retirement). 

With so much new media and convergence of industry around us, I believe it has led our generation to be…

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