Loving these fresh colours for the snow. A bright boost to my ski wardrobe me thinks!


The boardsports loving fashion designer from Melbourne Ting Hong talks about her fresh label OOTZ.

OOTZ was created by Tony, Julian and I back in Melbourne. We were just brainstorming one day and I had this word in my head. I heard it in New Zealand when Juls & I were buying gear from this guy in Queenstown. When he said “OOTZ” we looked at each other and thought did this guy just make up this word? We thought it was sick and started using it! When I font up the word “OOTZ” I knew that was what the brand was going to be.

Our first encounter with tall tees & hoodies was in New Zealand. We picked up this hitchhiker at Snow Park and he was rocking layers of tees and hoodies. It looked pretty sick.

A tall tee says to me… style & steeze. I find it…

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