Business Profile: Matt Brine and The Fundraising People

Charity, giving, kindness and fun - these are all encompassed in The Fundraising People and their incredible leader Matt Brine. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt as we trekked to Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Rooftop of Africa. Matt was my inspiring guide who gave us not only great encouragement and support, but also … Continue reading Business Profile: Matt Brine and The Fundraising People

This was one of my first blogs almost 3 years ago when I broke my back. It’s funny, it’s one of my most searched blogs for the term “Plastic back brace” and “travel with a broken back”. Broken backs are extremely common and you know what … they’re not life ending! I’m still snowboarding, mountain climbing and fitter than I think I ever was. I’m just more aware of my body and fragility.

What’s your so called “weakness”?

Lovelly Travels

When booking a ticket to MelbourneThe back brace - helping me in more ways then I would ever have imagined
 2 months ago I considered the amount of work I would have at the time, assignments I had to do and various social commitments that may get in the way of my trip. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would also be dealing with the complication of a broken back.


Dreading the car trips, plane rides and airport security, I arrived at the airport on Saturday afternoon less than excited to say the least. To feel nervous before a flight was a foreign feeling to me and not one I want to experience again. I felt anxious, unsure and slightly bewildered as we approached Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. A few deep breaths and a big hug from dad were necessary!


To my amazement, I had no need to worry. The staff at Jetstar, Australia’s fast growing domestic and international…

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Business Profile: Strawberry Communications, Johanna Baker – Dowdell

Strawberry Communications owner is as sweet as its name suggests. Johanna Baker-Dowdell is a business owner and a mum. She enjoys the freedom of running her own business from home and take care of her young family. Johanna has also set up a business with a friend, Stanley & Nelson making delicious cupcakes which are … Continue reading Business Profile: Strawberry Communications, Johanna Baker – Dowdell

Congratulations to my talented and beautiful friend Adair. She has just created her first ever blog. Look at this stunning photo. So many more wonderful images and words to come.


I met this couple at the market in Varanasi and sat down with them to watch the world go by


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Travel makes you richer

Travel is the only thing you can buy which makes you richer.   This is something I believe so strongly and I am proud to invest in my travels for my future and for my heart.

Check out this epic write up on the World Heli Challenge in Wanaka, New Zealand. Would love to get to this event some time.

Incredible video and amazing photos!


24 hours after the World Heli Challenge closure athletes are still celebrating in Wanaka, New Zealand (thanks to Carlton Dry). Why wouldn’t they want to keep ‘sending it’ after such an incredible experience! Here are some inspiring highlights in Tomohiro Fujii’s award winning documentary of the event.

Photo cred: World Heli Challenge

Congratulations to the winners:

The overall winners (best all around skiers and snowboarders) were chosen for their performance over the two days of competition (Extreme Day and Freestyle Day).

Top Three Female Skiers
1. Natalie Segal
2. Jacqui Edgerly
3. Victoria Beattie

Top Three Male Skiers
1. Marcus Eder
2. Sam Smoothy
3. Nick Devore

Top Three Female Snowboarders
1. Abby Lockhart
2. Ratty Sheidow
3. Jett Elkins

Top Three Male Snowboarders
1. Will Jackways
2. Shin Biyajima
3. Antti Autti

Freestyle Day

Snowboard Women
1st place – Abby Lockhart
2nd place – Ratty Sheidow
3rd place…

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Yoga Aid 2012 in Melbourne

Proud to announce I will be the  Black Dog Institute Representative at Yoga Aid , Melbourne on Sunday September 9th. I'll be speaking about Depression and Anxiety awareness and how the wonderful Black Dog Institute is helping with this important issue and how Yoga can be of great help. The Aim of Yoga Aid Challenge … Continue reading Yoga Aid 2012 in Melbourne