Today I was invited to take a tour of the Eureka Skydeck 88 tower experience in Melbourne.

Eureka Skydeck

I see this building almost everyday when in Melbourne but after 14 months in Melbourne was yet to take the plunge, or scale the heights, to enjoy the experience.

I attended the experience with 3 friends who are also in the events industry and we were blown away by the experience.

Edge Experience

There is the Eureka 89 floor which is wonderful for both private and public events. They recently held the Bastille Day Celebrations there and have some great events coming up this year including New Years Eve and Melbourne Cup celebrations.

stunning venue at Eureka 89

You can attend the wonderful restaurant floor of this magnificent building most nights of the year to enjoy the delicious degustation menu offerings. I will certainly be taking some of my Melbourne guests here in the near future.

Great views and venue, Eureka 89

Then there is the Edge Experience at the Skydeck. Oh my goodness!! See by the expressions on our faces that this was extreme. standing 88 floors above the streets of Melbourne with nothing but glass beneath your feet. Wow! I loved it. And was so happy to get some great pics of the experience as my friends watched on in great amusement.

I’m ok! Just checking the floor!
Happy to live life on the (Eureka) Edge

Learn more about the wonderful things on offer at Eureka!

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