So excited to today be browsing around the internet and stumble across a story about me on Inspired Adventures blog. This is the wonderful company I did my Machu Picchu, Peru Challenge with in October. This trip raised more than $60,000 for the wonderful Black Dog Institute raising awareness for depression and anxiety.


I had an incredible journey and couldn’t do it without Inspired! Here is some of the blog.

Machu Picchu for Mood Disorders

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Emma Lovell is training hard to take on the Andes in Peru in a few months time. She is also hard at work fundraising for the Black Dog Institute to help fund their work with rural and metropolitan communities to raise awareness of mood disorders, their warning signs and how to seek help. Emma has had her story published in her local newspaper. Here is her story and the link to the Port Phillip Leader from 4 July 2012.

St Kilda woman raises depression awareness

Emma Lovell IMAGE: Port Phillip Leader

Port Phillip Leader [4 July 2012] EMMA Lovell is taking on one of the world’s most amazing treks in honour of her grandma.

She will climb Machu Picchu to raise money for the Black Dog Institute and awareness of depression and mood disorders.

“My late grandmother Doris lived with depression most of her life. Grandma lived in a time where we had little information or awareness about depression. People didn’t talk about it. It was taboo,” Ms Lovell said.

Ms Lovell, who is participating in the Peru Challenge, must raise $4,000 before the big trip on October 20.


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