So excited to see this one lift off. My Awesome mate JMac has created a comedians game of tag….. via her blog and YouTube! How cool is this. Many laughs ahead. Watch this space.


I’ve created an online comedic social experiment READY. SET. PUNCH, that is set to take over Australia and then the world. Get involved. Get funny, share the smiles and spread the word!
TAG, YOU’RE IT! That’s the basic rule. Each comedian gets to tag who they want to be IT. Are you READY?

One comedian provides a joke SET UP.

The tagged comedian then has to come up with a PUNCH LINE and then SET UP the next comedian.

The ‘PUNCH’ may be JUST a punchline, short form joke. It may be a story themed around the set up wording. It may be a dirty poem. It may be a really bad love song. PUNCH with an answer that feels right for you on that day!

TAG, YOU’RE IT. And so on and so forth. Get it?!

Great. Now, to make this possible, tagged comedians are to record a…

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