Premiering today, Two Wave Total, a show about the World Surfing Pro Circuit.

Amazing girls like Steph Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Tyler Wright, Nicki Van Dijk, Rebecca Woods and Laura Enever – showcasing Australia’s best female surfers. These chicks have such passion, determination and talent- it’s really inspiring.


There’s a lot of girls who are out there and wanna give it a crack. My advice, go do a lesson and get the basics down. The classes are fun and the surfing instructors are usually hotties. Then reach out to girls on groups like Explorer Girls who are always up to help out a grommit in the surfing world.

Something I’m learning from this is don’t miss those opportunities to catc a wave or head to the beach. I’m watching Bells Beach Pro comp from this year and I actually had the opportunity both this year and last year to go watch, and I didn’t. I also didn’t surf at all last season. Just grab a board, grab a friend and give it a go.


Definitely keeping an eye on this show. Loving the advocacy for womens surfing!

Underwater Emma after surfing in Sydney oneday

Posted by Lovelly on 1 July 2012 – 2:48pm. Lovelly’s blog | post reply

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