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It is April in the midst of autumn in Melbourne. Yellow leaves have fallen and they are visible blowing across the grass. The pavement is still wet from the previous night’s rain and the early morning sun glares off the Yarra River. Southerly winds are beginning to pinch. Melbourne is a beautiful city and for now it is what I call home, yet I still need to escape.

A two-hour drive from home is my coastal wonderland. Even on the coldest days I feel warm here and even on the darkest nights my soul is cleansed. It is a place of rolling hills, flowing waterfalls and sprays of sea salt.

Autumn, in all it’s gold is a great time for surfers here. Year round, the beach is not crowded. The summer is warm, but the ocean is still chilly and most of the year surfers are cloaked in neoprene.


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I can totally empathise with this amazing feeling of snowboarding in Gulmarg! So cool these ladies got it on camera!


I took the day off from filming to go snowboarding, but Cassie followed me with the camera.

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Southwest Airlines sure has that Southern hospitality

My first encounter with Southwest Airlines left me a little dubious on the services that was to come. However, the service, the plane and the experience all rather surprised me and left me with a smile. The check in was very lackadaisical and seats were not assigned. When we got to the lounge it was … Continue reading Southwest Airlines sure has that Southern hospitality

Mercy Huts

Sharing with you an amazing organisation started by my darling friends Paulie and Sal McMahon.   The vision of Mercy Huts is to establish eco friendly beachfront accommodation on beautiful Nemberala Beach, Rote Island, Indonesia. The purpose is to provide financial support, employment and training  for families of this area who are living in poverty.   … Continue reading Mercy Huts

Adina Apartments Spreading to Greater Sydney

Adina Apartments are providing great accommodation for business travellers all across Sydney. The latest development is heading to Norwest, Baulkham Hills. Make sure to get in early on the bookings for this new property. Pre-opening bookings available for Adina Apartment Hotel Norwest   Guests can now book their first stay at the new Adina Apartment … Continue reading Adina Apartments Spreading to Greater Sydney

I love Melbourne Reviews and hot spots. I wish I made time to do more. Hopefully watch this space but for now my good friend JMac has done a cracker review.


The girls and I went to an amazing RAW feast a few Friday’s back at Monk Bodhi Dharma. YUMMMMMMM. It was even better showing up to a raw vegan restaurant dressed in a onesie as a cow 🙂 – The restaurant is located just off Carlisle Street in Balaclava of you’d like to check it out.

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