Photo shoots are a lot of fun and in the promotions and marketing industry which I’m in, they are essential to getting more work and more notice for your brand.
This was my Summer shoot with the lovely and talented Sarah Churcher of Sarah Churcher Photography.

Sarah and I had some ideas for a summer photoshoot and with our powers combined, we came up with some great stuff.

These are Sarah’s favourites that she has chosen of me and as the professional, I take her word.




Choosing location, style and theme can be hard, so with a talented professional by your side, it makes things a whole lot easier. She also sees things in a way I never would have.






I’m so happy with this particular part of the shoot through the long grass as it was Sarah’s idea. The soft light, the grass as a feature and me getting to show off my writing prowess. It all worked so well in the moment.





We did this shoot at Port Melbourne which has a great range of backdrops and scenes for a photoshoot and with the wind up that day, we were lucky to create some magic.





For more information or to view Sarah’s great work. Visit her Website –

Or like her Facebook Page:

You can also connect with Sarah on Twitter @photosbysc





3 thoughts

    1. I can forgive your mispelling for your lovely compliments!

      Flattery will get you everywhere!

      She is a very talented artist and she helped me to portray my theme of traveller perfectly. Couldn’t be happier with the shoot.


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