I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Malar, a dear friend of my friend Vijay whilst in India recently. Mrs Malar lives in Madurai in Tamil Nadu, South India and she took time out from her busy tour schedule to spend with me and show me around the incredible Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

Mrs Malar was helpful and informative and made me feel very welcome. She was extremely knowledgable about the temple and the history of the Hindu religion.We were lucky to also be there the night before Shivaratri, Lord Shiva festival.


Meenakshi Temple - North Gate

The temple was alive with colours, people, music and rituals. I got to learn so much about this special day for the Hindus and see some incredible architecture. I was really blown away by the stunning colours and the warmth inside this beautiful place.





Mrs Malar is a tour guide for South India and she is based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

I strongly recommend contacting her to arrange your trip in this beautiful part of India:

Email: vizhimalar6@gmail.com

Mobile nos:

+91 956 6695 461

+91 98 651 41 000

+91 95 666 95 462

She is a cultural promotee and can show guests:

  • Saree demonstration about Tamil culture for ladies
  • meegandhi doing (henna)
  • South Indian cuisine – Demo class, lunch and dinner
  • Classical dance – Bharatha natiyam
  • Classical karnatic, folk dance and music
  • Religious explanation class
  • Transport, food, accomodation and anything else you need can be arranged.


I hope you get the chance to meet Mrs Malar and enjoy the beauty and difference of South Indian culture.

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