If I had a dollar for every time in a day I was asked for my good name in India, I would be buying polkee raw cut diamond jewellery in no time. The Indian people have a fascination with knowing my and I guess other foreigners story.


This is worth $US 8000

The conversation which I had multiple times today, tends to go along the lines of this:


–       Hello Miss… Maam.. Excuse me (alternatively) /Namaste

–       Which country?

–       Oh Australia – cricket!

–       What is your good name?

–       Emma, that’s a very nice name

–       First trip to India?

–       6th trip to India!!

–       You speaking the hindi?

–       Are you a student?

–       What is job you are having?

–       How long you stay?

–       Where you go next?

–       Miss? Miss?

–       Photo with you please.


Most of the time I’m happy to oblige and I’ll answer a few questions and have a bit of a chat. However, after having the above conversation 10 times consecutively, you will only be receiving one word answers from me. Generally if I feel the motive is just to get my picture, I may be shorter. If they are trying to sell me something – I don’t really engage at all. Nahi chai yeh – No, I don’t want it.

Where I wrote this post - Dharamsala, India


I sound like a horrible , stuck up and arrogant traveler but really I just feel as though I’m experiencing Déjà vu. The same series of questions over and over – where do I come from, who am I and where am I going. I’m just a bit tired and when walking next to stunning scenery and beautiful waterfalls, I’d actually rather just take in the environment without the chatter.

Thank you for your kind interest in me, but (bas) stop, I’m tired. Actually very much looking forward to my 10 days silence where I cannot engage in conversation, make eye contact or have any other form of communication with another living soul.

Photo please miss. Taken at Gulmarg, Kashmir, India.

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