Delhi is a fabulous city and one of the best lad our tourist cities in India.

Residential colony outside Delhi. Gurgaon.

I love Delhi due to my wonderful friends there and the homestays I’ve had over the years. Their hospitality and generosity never ceases to amaze me.

Attending a dear friends wedding in Delhi

However, it also has quite a rep for being quite rough and dangerous. Ask any Delhite and they will tell you never (especially as a woman) to travel alone at night. The city is recognised as dangerous for locals and for foreigners visiting the city. I’ve never personally had any trouble there and really dislike this reputation this wonderful city has now obtained. But warnings should be taken and caution should be observed.

Parliament of India

Here is a great post from Traveldudes with some info on the dangers that may be:

Scams and touts are common in India and knowing in advance how to avoid can save you a lot of trouble. You may also like to see my post on the Milk Powder Scam.Ā 

Also beware in Delhi of the famous Delhi Belly. It struck me 3 times on my most recent trip. The only answer….. Imodium! Plenty of it! And sleep and water.

Bangle shopping in Delhi

Please do visit Delhi and appreciate it for the historic, cultural and vibrant city it is.


Celebrating Holi on 8th March in ever colourful Delhi

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