Just started looking at Map of India and couldn’t help myself…. basic Idea of how my trip will evolve over Feb- March, includes beaches, mediatation, conferences, weddings, and possibly 2 other countries!

Orange = definite, by road or rail transport

Blue dots = Flights

Yellow arrow = maybe (time/ $$ pending)

Only 2 months late but this was the original plan!!!

The outcome was similar but came out rather different. Here is a rough idea of what I did.

Jan 30th – Left Australia

Jan 30th – Full day in Malaysia

Jan 31st – Arrive in Mumbai

Feb 13th – Fly to Kerala, Fort Kochi

Feb 15th – Bus to Varkala Beach

Feb 17th – Fly to Chennai

Feb 18th – Fly to Madurai

Feb 20th – Fly to Delhi

Feb 26th – Fly to Srinigar, Drive to Gulmarg in the mountains.

March 4th – Drive to Srinigar, Stay on Dal Lake

March 5th – Fly to Jammu, Drive to Dharamsala

March 7th – Overnight bus to Delhi

March 8th – Overnight train to Jodhpur

March 23rd – Overnight train to Delhi

March 26th – Fly to Varanasi

March 27th – Overnight Train to Delhi

March 30th – Depart my beloved India

March 30th – Stopover Malaysia – 30 mins!!

March 31st – Arrive in Melbourne 9am


What a journey!! And that’s just the transport!!!


Questions re getting around India are welcome. I feel I am now well versed.

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