My plan from Mumbai was to head south through Hampi and then on to Kerala. I wanted to see the ruins that people rave about. An area which has mesmerised and wowed so many travellers. However, I was feeling quite lazy and also loving the city of Bombay where I have many friends. I was torn between seeing new things and spending time with wonderful friends in my favourite city in the world.



The clincher came from a discussion with an 11 year old boy. I told him of my plans for the weekend, to leave and go travelling. He begged me to stay saying that we could go swimming. I do love swimming and it was very tempting but I explained I wanted to see these great ruins and culture of a new place. He replied with a stunningly simple answer ” Ruins are boring, swimming is much more fun.”


Decision made!



He was right. Swimming was lots of fun. Can’t say if it was better than ruins and history but it was certainly a lot of fun.


Lucky to have friends who are a member of the stunning Breachcandy Club where we could relax and enjoy the wonderful facilities.

When was the last time you went swimming?

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