Hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!


I had a rather different Easter this year. Very minimal chocolate, not with my family and only over ate once. I instead was working with Jetstar in Melbourne Airport on Saturday and Sunday.


I was dressed as one of the most recognised characters in the world – especially at this time of year. The Easter Bunny.

Some were filled with joy.

Some were frightened half to death. (in this case me, terrified of a 3 yr old who was more than delighted to be meething the big bunny).

And others like this very polite young man, were extremely Thankful. “Thank you Mr. Bunny for my chocolate this morning.”

Thanks JetStar and my fave agency Mash Marketing Australia for giving me this great job at such a fun and festive time of year. Warmed my heart to give the travellers a nice send off or welcome home.


“Live your life like a traveller.”


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