India 2012 has been a big trip and it’s only been 5 weeks so far. With 4 more weeks to go and many more locations, there is a whole lot more adventure in store. I’ve been blessed to attend weddings, conferences, parties, stay in 5 star hotels, homestays with families, laze on beaches and hike in snowy mountains.

Although there have been many great moments and too many to name, I’d like to share the top 10 that stand out in my mind at the moment and really signify my trip experience:

  1. Presenting awards to delegates and speakers at the Air Cargo India Conference 2012 (without pre-planning or practice, asked at last minute.
  2. Staying the weekend in Mumbai instead of travelling to Hampi to go swimming with my sweet friend Jeh cos “ruins are boring, swimming is much more fun.”
  3. Having a romantic Valentines day in Fort Kochi with my friend Caity from Australia who I only realized was arriving in India 2 days before.
  4. Having the warmth and peace of a Siro Dhara massage in an Ayurvedic Centre in Varkala Beach.

    Varkala Beach, Kerala
  5. Dancing to my song “Sheila Ki Jiwani” at my friends pre wedding party as his friends and family now know me as “Sheila” from Australia.
  6. Attending the marriage of my dear friend Avi and seeing him and his beautiful wife Sughanda so happy.
  7. Being gifted a Saree by my dear friend Sue as we were getting a blouse made for my other stunning saree that was gifted to me the previous year.
  8. Getting my Tanzanite, white gold and diamond ring made after having the stone from Tanzania and representing my Kili Climb. Now it represents India and Tanzania – countries and experiences I love.
  9. Dancing bollywood style in the ski area of Gulmarg with the Himalayas as our back drop with my new friends tom, Jackie and Fayez

10. Sitting here writing this blog next to a stunning waterfall in Baghsdu. Dharamsala – feeling peaceful, happy and at ease.


Many more moments to come.

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