Beneath the Faded Word

This is a beautiful poem written by my friends father. He posted it on Anzac Day this year however it was written some years back. A stunningly presented personal history of a War that affected so many. Beneath the Faded Word  By Peter Thomas, Tambo Upper, Vic. It sat out in the shearing shed for … Continue reading Beneath the Faded Word

Madurai Tour Leader and Guide

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Malar, a dear friend of my friend Vijay whilst in India recently. Mrs Malar lives in Madurai in Tamil Nadu, South India and she took time out from her busy tour schedule to spend with me and show me around the incredible Meenakshi Temple in Madurai. Mrs Malar … Continue reading Madurai Tour Leader and Guide

My Summer Photo Shoot

Photo shoots are a lot of fun and in the promotions and marketing industry which I'm in, they are essential to getting more work and more notice for your brand. This was my Summer shoot with the lovely and talented Sarah Churcher of Sarah Churcher Photography. Sarah and I had some ideas for a summer … Continue reading My Summer Photo Shoot

World Read Aloud Day Celebrations – Dharamsala, India

March 7th is World Read Aloud Day! I was honoured to be invited to take part and read aloud to children whilst I travelled. It just so happened I was in the beautiful city of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.                   This beautiful backdrop is also home to … Continue reading World Read Aloud Day Celebrations – Dharamsala, India

Met Craig this morning and could never have known what a beautiful and talented writer he is. Very much enjoyed this piece and I look forward to reading many many more.


There was a time when I could hit the big reset button. The old cut-and-run. I’ve done it twice.

The first cut-and-run spilled from a brew of friend, girl, jealousy and strangely, a burning will to do the right thing, or at least not the wrong thing.

I cut the two of them out of my life. I just stopped calling. I didn’t return calls. It was like pruning a lemon tree. Faith was required; faith that something – some fruit – would grow back on the empty limbs. I didn’t burn bridges. There were no self-righteous confrontations. I just cut myself off.

I remember weeks of aching loneliness. A big part of my life had been hollowed out. I think my hair started receding. It was stressful. It felt like it took more courage than I had. Alone with my thoughts way too much, undefined in the world. Things…

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Emma conquers Machu Pichu for mood disorder awareness

Hey everyone, Last year I went on the adventure of a lifetime and I climbed Mt Kilimajaro in Africa for Alzheimer's on behalf of my late Grandpa Jack. The night before I went on that incredible journey, I started thinking..."What next?" 1 challenge was just not enough. I was addicted before I began! And here … Continue reading Emma conquers Machu Pichu for mood disorder awareness

It’s not Awkward – It’s Awesome!

Justine "JMac" McInerney has been performing in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in her show "Proactively Awkward". I was delighted and honoured to attend on her opening night and it was AWESOME! Yes it was awkward. Yes I will never look at my dear friend Justine in the same light, but damn it was funny. … Continue reading It’s not Awkward – It’s Awesome!