My trip to Gulmarg, the foothills of the himalayas, has been an adventure to say the least. First time to Kashmir, first time going through Srinigar and first time in Avalanche country as a snowboarder. I’ve had an amazing trip already and still have a few days to go.



Here are some snippets and short      descriptions of what I’ve been experiencing each day. I arrived on sunday 26th Feb, started skiing Monday 27th Feb.




Day 3, Tuesday 28th Feb:

Have been out of touch last few days as I’m in the snow in Kashmir!! Most amazing snow I’ve ever seen, fresh powder yesterday and fresh tracks on every run. Hardest day of my life boarding as we’re at 3800m but I love it!


stunning views of Gulmarg

Day 3,Tues 28th Feb (evening time):

Another huge day on the slopes. 8 hours door to door and some amazing bluebird skies over more fresh powder. Some of the smoothest runs I’ve ever done. Alpine area closed tomorrow – Kasmiri army have decided to test out explosives in the area so due to extreme avalanche risk, Gondola will be closed 😦


Day 4, Weds 29th Feb

Another incredible day today in Gulmarg. Not so much boarding, but a great run through the huge pine trees with views of the valley below and stunning bluebird skies. A great afternoon in the village with new friends and some hilarious/ death defying moments driving back up the icy hill – including digging out the car!!


walking in the village
Digging out the car




















Day 5, Thurs 1st March:

Snowfall today at the beautiful gulmarg, whilst we were riding which is just too pretty. Lower areas today and riding the cat tracks which brought back memories of hard packed runs from oz with just a light dusting – actually ride that well! Onesie shopping in the arvo was a hoot!

Riding through the trees

Day 6: Fri 2nd March:

Feeling like a woos today 😦 minor altitude sickness has me sentenced to bed rest and lots of water. Hoping I can get out for some bluebird sky skiing this arvo.

Let’s see what the last few days hold!

Expect to see much much more about this adventure.

For more info on conditions here at Gulmarg, Kashmir, check out the Gulmarg Snow Safety website:

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