The Wonderful Vipassana

When I first announced I would be going on a 10 day silent retreat it was met by great surprise and quite a few giggles. Miss Emma Lovell, communicator extraordinaire, chatterbox and vivaciously outgoing woman could remain silent for this period. But I did. And I have learnt now, that it wasn’t about that- it … Continue reading The Wonderful Vipassana

Looking forward to this awesome show and great to see it’s already selling out. Get in and buy your tickets now!


Venue:The Owl & The Pussycat, 34 Swan St, Richmond
Dates & Times:
Thu 5 Apr 7.30pm


Fri 6 Apr 8.30pm
(Tix still avail)
Sat 7 Apr 7.30pm
(Media Night, tix still avail)
Tue 10 Apr 8.30pm
(Tix still avail)
Fri 13 Apr 7.30pm
(Tix still avail)
Sat 14 Apr 8.30pm
(Tix still avail)
Tue 17 Apr 7.30pm
(Tix still avail)
Thu 19 Apr 7.30pm
(Tix still avail)
Fri 20 Apr 7.30pm
(Tix still avail)
Sat 21 Apr 8.30pm
(Tix still avail)

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Silence is golden at Vipassana

Today I will enter 10 days of silence and meditation in the Dhamma Centre of Jodhpur, India.   No phones, no emails, no eye contact and no speaking. Just silence, meditation and finding inner peace. I'm petrified as I sit here with a terrible stomach, aching head and what appears to be some form of … Continue reading Silence is golden at Vipassana

Lunch with a Kashmir Family

It’s an honour an a privilege to be invited to someones home and I was blessed to be invited to meet the family of my guide, Fayez Sheikh, from my Gulmarg snow trip. A short drive down the hill from Gulmarg is the village of Tangmarg where we stopped before I went back to Srinagar. … Continue reading Lunch with a Kashmir Family

Awesome lady with a great attitude for the snow – watch out for her great photos and videos!


I’m from Australia where my friends and I get excited about a 5cm snow storm. That was until I started to snowboard overseas. Now I’m in Gulmarg where it’s common for a snow storm to dump three metres.

Gulmarg is a village in Kashmir, the state between India and Pakistan. Most Kashmiris are Muslim, but despite their religion most Kashmiris have a better relationship with Hindu Indians than with Pakistan.

Gulmarg sits five kilometres from the militarized Line of Control. It’s one of the most heavily militarized regions in the world. There are 700,000 Indian army troops that are in this state and I would imagine there is a similar number of troops over the Pakistan border. Gulmarg isn’t a very commercial ski resort, more a backcountry paradise for those who are willing to work hard for their lines or who don’t mind playing a game of cheat with mother nature.

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Milk Powder Scam India

Often when travelling India you will be asked for money or chocolate or a donation.  One irregular but common request is “milk powder” and you must be wary of this one. Being asked for money and donations is a common thing and is unfortunately something you have to deal with. There are many many poor … Continue reading Milk Powder Scam India

Ski India with Ski Himalaya

Skiing in India is not a well known activity and when I announced to people I would be doing this it was met by surprise. The largest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas towers above North India and thus there is skiing.   Gulmarg, Mt Apphawat, is a “ski resort” that has been established … Continue reading Ski India with Ski Himalaya