I must say I’m not the biggest fan of Spin Classes, but the one I attended in Mumbai India is very close to converting me.

High energy, great motivation, personal encouragement and mad tracks meant for an awesome work out. The trainer who runs the class learns everyones name and keeps them motivated throughout the class. He doesn’t actually do the class so instead can focus on watching the participants and encouraging them to reach their best. He also acts as a DJ in the funky room which looks more like a disco then a workout studio.

The bikes were state of the art and as most of the participants attend regularly, there were specially fitted pedals for their spinning shoes. How hard core is that!

My friend and her son do the class at least 3 times a week but usually 5, and it is directly across from their house. Which is where I stay so that makes it very convenient.

My favourite part of the class was when the personal trainer said “Madam, I cannot believe this is your first spin class.” This was directed at me. Yayy he was impressed with how I kept it up.

Not sure I will continue it on Oz, I really liked the novelty of doing it in India and how the class was run. Plus I love Indian accents and the music is awesome. But I’m heading back again next year, and pretty sure I’ll be joining in a few classes.

Topspin is the studio:



Topspin India Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
16-A, Nepean Sea Road,
Grnd. Floor, Alaknanda Building,
Near Manzoni, Opp. Katghara House,
Mumbai – 400 036. India

Call: (+91-22) 3206 6444
(+91) 99200 84440 / 93248 10988

Email: info@topspinindia.com

It’s like a disco!! You’ll have a great time.

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