Ski Himalaya with Kashmir Powedercats

I have been so out of touch in last 10 days. It's been bumper to bumper non stop trip and tomorrow I head off to Srinigar, Kashmir. Then on to Gulmarg for a week of exploration skiing/snowboarding. Cannot wait! Have great faith in the team from Australia, Ski Himalaya, who I booked the tour with … Continue reading Ski Himalaya with Kashmir Powedercats

Khewra Mines : Second Largest Salt Mine in the World

Khewra Salt Mine located in Khewra, Jehlum Punjab, Pakistan is the second largest Salt Mine in the world and is considered to be the oldest in the subcontinent. It was said that discovery of Salt mines were not done by Alexander or his army but by their horses as they started licking the stones when … Continue reading Khewra Mines : Second Largest Salt Mine in the World

Haleji Lake : Asia’s largest Bird Sanctuary

Pakistan is a land of serene beauty , a country with diverse wild life , fresh water lakes, a 1046 km coast lines. Some of the most unique species of birds are found in northern Pakistan with awe-inspiring natural wonders like Lake Saiful Maluk, Lake Shandur , Dudipatsar Lake , kutwal lake, Zalzal lake and … Continue reading Haleji Lake : Asia’s largest Bird Sanctuary

Australia’s Biggest Bollywood Bash

We all know how much I love India. I'm currently in Madurai visiting with Red Hands Org partner, microfinancing company, Madura Micro-financing Ltd. This event, Australia's Biggest Bollywood Bash, will benefit the wonderful work done here in Madurai, India. Buy your tickets now! Home What do we do? About Events and News Resources Contact You’re … Continue reading Australia’s Biggest Bollywood Bash

David Ross Macdonald at COB Folly (at the r2)

A wonderful event is happening in Melbourne next week at the R2. Make sure to get on down and check it out. David Ross Macdonald Tomas Fitzgerald COB FOLLY LAUNCH EVENT COB Folly is a new after work live music series located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. The r2 at 60 Market St … Continue reading David Ross Macdonald at COB Folly (at the r2)

Adventure Travel & Backpackers Expo Melbourne

Travel Enthusiasts!! If you are interested in Travel you must get to this. Global and local info. Australia's ONLY Adventure Travel Expo targetting adventure travellers, backpackers, students and more. Entry to the expo is FREE for visitors. The expos have been running annually since 1995 and are held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland. Check … Continue reading Adventure Travel & Backpackers Expo Melbourne

World’s Largest Deep Sea Port : Gwader

“Gwa” means Air and “Dar” means door, and the word Gawadar means ” The door of the wind” is the world’s largest deep sea port lies in southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan. The design and construction of the port is carried out in collaboration with China and it has just started it’s operation.It’s going to … Continue reading World’s Largest Deep Sea Port : Gwader