India Plan for 2012 is a bit vague at the moment and with so many places yet to explore there and so little time,I’m trying to get a bit more organised.


I’m off to India by myself for the 6th time. I love it so much and I can say with ease that it is my favourite country in the world. Big call for a traveller like me but it’s true.


See attached my Map and rough idea of where I’m going.

Orange = definite, by road or train

Yellow = maybe

blue dotted line = flying

numbers indicate the order in which i will be visiting these places


I arrive 31 January and the adventure begins.

I’ll be at a conference first 4 days. The Largest air fright conference in the world – Air cargo India.


Conference & Exhibition

February 1-3, 2012

Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, INDIA

4-8 Feb – Staying with beautiful friends on Napensea Rd Mumbai, with 2 little boys and an incredible view.

9-13 Feb Approx – Goa or Kerala for the beach with friends.

14-17 Feb Approx – Chennai and Surrounding villages visiting Red Hands Org and the amazing work they do with women in the area.


18-21 Feb Visiting Bangalore and Hyderabad, I hope – 2 days in each.

Fly or overnight train to Delhi.

21-26 Feb – A wedding of my dear friend Avi, I can’t wait to see all my wonderful friends from the 2010 wedding again.







After the wedding I will spend time exploring the city of Delhi and catching up with good friends who I’v enow known for 6 years.


26 Feb – 2 March – Fly to Srinigar in the volatile state of Kashmir for skiing with a wonderful group run by an Australian man. I can’t wait to be on guided ski tours in powder in the himalayas every day!! 

After this it gets a little hazy. Here are the things I want to do:

– Spend 2-3 days in Dharamala, visiting tea plantations, hiking and meeting the Dalai Lama 😉

– Spend 2-3 days in the most holy city in India, Varanassi

– 10 days in Vipasana – a silent retreat – location yet to be decided ( ideas and locations welcomed!!!)

– 2-3 days in Jaipur, the pink city and perhaps other locations in the gorgeous state of Rajasthan.

– 2-3 days in Mumbai before I leave.


Now – I have no idea how i’m getting around, where I’m staying or who I will be meeting in March and this could scare some…. but for me, I’m so excited! Who knows where the road will lead and I shall take it a day at a time and enjoy every step and every minute.


I’ll have my mobile and access to internet and will regularly post and let people know where I am, safety first- as well as my undying love and attachment to social media haha.


So any advice, tips or hints on what I should do on this amazing cultural and spiritiual adventure, please send them over.


2 thoughts

  1. Hi Emma Nice hearing of your India travel , Though up to 15 Feb I have my group going to Khujaraho ,varanasi and Gwalior but after that I would be free and do not worry about your stay travel In India .
    Be in touch Looking to meet you here In India !!!


    1. That’s wonderful Vijay!
      I so look forward to coming to the North and I so want to see Dharamsala and Varanasi. I also have the possibility now to visit Puri but we will see.

      I still wish to do Vipasana so I need to seek this out and make appt for somewhere in the North.

      Have safe travels and speak soon.


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